Art is a universal language that is at the disposal of everyone. Our utopic vision is a society that offers creative people with disabilities the opportunity to train and develop their skills and make them their profession.


EUCREA is an association to promote art by disabled people in the German-speaking area. At EUCREA we work on a central theme that involves the development, testing and research of innovative inclusive formats with role model character. These include nationally and internationally oriented culture festivals that feature music, dance and theatre, visual and applied arts exhibitions as well as contests and publications. We support the development of cooperations, work and further education options for professional disabled artists. Our publications provide a platform for information and dialogue for everyone involved in the process of an inclusive society. EUCREA's regular symposiums shape the discussions surrounding the topic whether on a social, artistic or organisational level. EUCREA currently has over 90 members in the German-speaking area.


EUCREA sees diversity as potential and opportunity to create a vibrant and multi-faceted society and environment. The recognition and appreciation of differences between people encourages this thought. This is the reason we support and speak about disabled artists.

On an artistic level, EUCREA pursues a critical and equal reflection of the artistic work of disabled and non-disabled artists.

In our opinion, disabled artists must be able to access a diverse range of offers where they can train their skills and qualify or implement their art. These can include offers from art colleges and established cultural institutions as well as measures adapted to individual needs.

We define inclusion as a process that involves society as a whole. The organisation of this approach demands a wide range of methods and work forms to sensitise the public and enable transformation.