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    The realm of theatre in which disabled performers are involved has continuously changed in the past years. The term "inclusive" theatre obliterates boundaries and interpretations, clusters a variety of forms and work methods. But what do we refer to as "inclusive" theatre? When non-disabled players are involved, when the disables actors participate in the development of the theatre production or when they direct the pieces themselves? Whereas a professionalism through vocational training has been requested and in some cases, implemented, some groups that make use of theatre forms, which do not necessarily demand previous training enter into cooperations with non-disabled ensembles. As everyday life experts, actors with disabilities are often demoted to one topic, i.e., their disability.

    But what topics do directors otherwise seize upon in their work? The trade press has also discovered "inclusion in theatre" and devotes itself to the theme in entire main magazine topics.

    The EUCREA platform wants to address a number of topics that deal with the status of so-called inclusive theatre in the professional sector. We have invited experts to cast an external glance at the scene and examine which contemporary forms of theatre might be suitable. In workshops, members of the performance and documentary theatre groups will give insight into their work methods.

    We will present and examine projects in which cooperations were entered and experiments were made with other theatre forms. In addition we will question what types of vocational training are suitable for disabled actors, or what types would have to be invented to meet their needs. We go as far as to question whether a vocational training as defined by Christoph Schlingensief and his Freakstar 3000 project is at all necessary. Members of the "Schlingensief Family" will provide relevant information.

    Three guest performances in Switzerland, Belgium and Germany show successful cooperations between disabled and non-disabled ensembles. The platform is open to anyone interested in theatre because, at the end of the day, it is not merely about theatre with disabled performers, it is about what theatre wants to achieve in today's world and whether it can have a mission at all. Within this context, "inclusion" is just one of many topics. Interested persons are welcome to discuss this exciting topic and to let themselves be inspired by three guest performances and project performances.

    With, among others Dorte Lena Eilers/Theater der Zeit, Philipp Schulte/Institut für angewandte Theaterwissenschaft Gießen, intakt Kulturprojekte/Cologne, kraut_produktionen/Zürich, matthaie & consorten/Berlin, Music and theater collective I can be your Translator and members of the "Schlingensief Family".


    The guest performances

    4:3 - 11. and 12.12.2015

    Theater Stap und Tibaldus en andere hoeren (B)


    Ich bin ein Volumenjoker - Ein euphorischer Chor – 11.12.2015

    SEE! (D)


    Human Resources – 12. and 13.12.2015

    A community delirium from kraut_produktion and Theater HORA (CH)


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    You can register for the expert conference on the EUCREA website. The conference will be held in German language.