Disability, techno-bodies, and the question of autonomy.

October 21, Kampnagel, Hamburg




What we call ‘disability’ has the potential to challenge our accustomed ways of thinking about individuality, normality, and care. Unusual assemblages of bodies and technologies, communication forms outside the norm, and lived dependencies on others open multifaceted perspectives onto what we call ‘human’. Whether disabled or not, humans use technology and need the support of others to take part in the world. Or as Donna Haraway puts it: “We’re always in the thick of it”. We have never been autonomous.

People with disabilities live in a close-knit community with technological, social, and human actors. They are part of a network, in which autonomy and agency are not so much possessed as shared. Looking through the prism of dis/ability enables subtle and imaginative perspectives on the interconnections between prostheses and bodies, capabilities and incapabilities, help and ethics.

The Blackmarket attempts to bring together areas, which generally do not belong together in public perception: the reality of physical and mental disability with critical visions on the future of the body and society. Wheelchair users, biohackers, cyborgs, post-, trans- and para-humans and humanists, sign language users, physicians, prosthetists, ethicists, robotic experts and the neuro-divergent, artists, technological prophets and critics come together to invent an ethics for contemporary bodies.

Team Mobile Academy Berlin:
Hannah Hurtzig: Artistic Director
Sarah Lewis: Curator and project manager
Marian Kaiser: Curator
Cristina Navaro: Artistic production assistance
Philipp Hochleichter: Company Management

Team Eucrea, Hamburg
Jutta Schubert: Managing Director and curator
Project Assistants:
Lea Dietschmann: research and interviews
Kyra Lanman: PR and production
Anke Böttcher: production and administration



Monika Ankele, historian of psychiatry, Hamburg // Petra Anders, cultural researcher, Dortmund // Edith Arnold, sexual caretaker, Hamburg // Saša Asentić, performance maker, Novi Sad // Sue Austin, multimedia, performance & installation artist, Devon, UK// Serge Autexier, Bremen ambient assisted living lab // Klaus Birnstiel, literary scholar and theoretician, Basel // Thomas Bock, director of a social-psychiatric out patient clinic for psychoses and bipolar disorders, Hamburg // Axel Brauns, author and film maker, Hamburg // Lars Bruhn, disability researcher at ZeDIS, Hamburg // Christoph Brunner, cultural theorist, Lüneburg //Regula Valérie Burri, science and technology researcher, Hamburg // Norma C., knowledge disseminator, Berlin // Vaginal Davis, performance artist and goddess, Berlin // Lis Marie Diehl, rehabilitation researcher and member of I can be your translator, Hamburg// Henrik Eßler, social and economic historian, Hamburg// Lorenz Fiedler, electrical engineer, Research Group Auditory Cognition, Lübeck // Kenny Fries, author, Berlin // Hildegard Fuhrberg, holistic practitioner, Hamburg // Petra Gehring, philosopher, Darmstadt // Doris Gerbig, Sociologist, Hamburg // Mischa Gohlke, musician and activist, Hamburg // Wolfgang Hagen, media theorist, Lüneburg // Britta Harms, sign language facilitator, Hamburg // Karin Harrasser, cultural theorist, Linz //Laura Hille, sociologist and cultural researcher, Lüneburg // Marianne Hirschberg, Critical Disabilities Studies researcher and human rights activist, Bremen // Jürgen Homann, Disability Studies researcher,ZEDIS Hamburg //Joke Janssen, academic and artist, Hamburg // Reinhard Kahl, journalist, Hamburg // David Kasprowicz, media theorist, Lüneburg // Markus Keuler, sculptor, Bremen // Sabine Kienitz, cultural anthropologist, Hamburg // Patrick Kramer, cyborg and businessman, Hamburg // Wolfgang Knapp, artist, author and lecturer, Berlin // Mathias Knigge, designer, Hamburg // Swantje Köbsell, Disability Studies researcher and educator, Berlin // Silke Koppermann, gynocologist, Hamburg // Raul Krauthausen, author and activist for disability accessibility, Berlin // Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, actor, critic , and former chief prosecutor, Hamburg //Martina Leeker, media and theater scholar, Lüneburg //Katharina Liebsch, sociologist, Hamburg //Cornelia Lund, Design and Media Studies researcher, Hamburg // Rebecca Maskos, journalist and Critical Disability Studies researcher // Klaus Mecherlein, art historian, Oberschleißheim // Nicole Meyer, Gender und Disability Studies student, Cripp Radio, Hamburg // Miro Miletic, exhibition director Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in Silence, Hamburg // Michael Morlock, bio-mechanics researcher and mathematician, Hamburg // Philipp Osten, medical historian, Hamburg // Peter Ott, film maker, Hamburg // Karl-Josef Pazzini, psychoanalyst, Berlin // Marianne Pieper, sociology scholar, Hamburg // Andreas Pflüger, author and screenwriter, Berlin // Antje Pfundtner, choreographer, Hamburg // Klaus Pramann, psychiatrist, Bremen // Frank Purk, orthopedic technician and designer, Hamburg //Christian Rathmann, linguist and sign language researcher, Hamburg // Ewgenia Roth, assistant, Hamburg // Tucké Royale, first speaker of the Central Council of Antisocial People in Germany, Berlin // Katherine Runswick-Cole, Critical Disability Studies researcher, Manchester, UK // Bettina Saathoff, psychotherapist, Hamburg // Bernhard Sabel, psychologist and neuroscientist, Magdeburg // Kai Sammet, medical and psychiatric historian, Hamburg // Lothar Sandfort, psychologist and disability sexual advisor, Trebel // Bertold Scharf, historian, Kiel // Oliver Schmidt, film and media scholar, Hamburg // Gwen Schulz,recovery attendant, Hamburg //Michael Schumacher, actor and dancer, Hamburg // Saskia Schuppener, rehabilitation researcher, Leipzig // Laura Schwörer, painter, Kiel // Dennis Seidel, actor, Hamburg // Udo Sierck, author and activist for disability rights, Hamburg //Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, philosopher, Erlangen // Alexandra Spisak, video game illustrator, Hamburg // Birgit Stammberger, cultural theorist, Lübeck //Anastasia Umrik, project maker and fashion designer, Hamburg // Lars Vaupel, artist and programmer, Hamburg // Ina Vera, director, performer and member of the performance collective MONSTER TRUCK, Berlin // Thomas Weber, film and media scholar, Hamburg // Lisa Wiedemann, sociologist, Hamburg


A Project of the 'Mobile Akademie Berlin' in Cooperation with EUCREA e.V and Kampnagel.

Sponsoren: Kampnagel, British Council, Elbkulturfonds